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LatestWP (Latest on WordPress) is an open website for everyone. It aims to provide a single place for all WordPress Designers, Programmers, Developers, and Bloggers where they’ll find everything they’ll need to know about WordPress in one place.

Benefits of LatestWP for Readers?

You find all the latest WordPress related articles in one place!

Benefits of LatestWP for Authors?

We try harder to promote your content by listing it in LatestWP

Our Concept

LatestWP’s concept is simple. We review a lot or articles from around the internet trying to find the latest tutorials, tricks, tips and just about anything related to WordPress that is worth reading daily. We then carefully hand-pick the very best of what we review that is worth adding to the website.

Another way of adding articles to the website, is when a reader submits an article about WordPress that they believe worth sharing with other fellows. LatestWP’s committee then reviews the article and gives it a score. If approved, the article’s title, summary, URL and the score are published after categorizing it on the website.

Use the following link to submit a WordPress related article to LatestWP:

Submit an article to LatestWP

So for all WordPress interested people, LatestWP should be on top of your daily visits on the internet if you wish to follow WordPress buzz on the internet.

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