Summer of WordPress 2015 Week 1: Win 1 of 3 WordPress Plus Theme Club Membership from Rocket Theme worth $99 Each


Welcome to the first week in LatestWP’s “Summer of WordPress” Giveaway Festival. Today we’re delighted to introduce one of the pioneer theme makers in the WordPress community as the sponsor of the first week, meet Rocket Theme. Rocket Theme RocketTheme has an extensive collection of premium WordPress themes available for purchase and download. Each of their […]

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Introducing LatestWP’s “Summer of WordPress” 2015 Giveaway Festival with a Combined Value of $2500+ in Prizes

LatestWP’s Summer of WordPress Giveaway Festival

We are so excited to announce the launch of LatestWP’s “Summer of WordPress” Giveaway Festival. We have been working closely with many of the top WordPress related companies in the world to bring you the biggest WordPress giveaway we’ve ever had to date. LatestWP’s “Summer of WordPress” Giveaway Festival is one of the largest WordPress […]

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The LatestWP WordPress Weekly – Measuring WordPress Themes Loading Speed

LatestWP Weekly 006

With the latest release of WordPress 4.2, WordPress is leaning towards utilizing the use of the built-in theme customizer. In the same token, optimizing WordPress-powered websites loading speed has become crucial so at LatestWP we sat down with the man who wants to measure the loading speed of all WordPress free themes. In addition, you […]

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Meet Csaba Kissi: The Man with A Mission To Find The Fastest WordPress Themes at WPSpeedster

Cssaba Kissi

The loading speed of any given website has become tremendously important. Not only for search engines, but also for us, Humans. You don’t want to stare at a blank screen waiting for too long before a website loads. According to this article, 47% of visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, […]

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The LatestWP WordPress Weekly – Google’s Mobile Friendly Hits WordPress Websites and WordPress 4.2 is out

The LatestWP Weekly #5

The major 2 highlights of the week were The Mobile-Friendly factor in Google Mobile Search results, and how it is affecting the search engine optimization scene around the world, including the WordPress-powered websites. We have covered this story in details in this report demonstrating what anybody could do to prevent any drops in their ranking. The […]

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28% of WordPress Websites Could Be Affected By Google’s Mobile Search Update and What to Do About It

Google Mobile-Friendly Change

Yesterday, Google has announced a change in the way it ranks websites when searching for something through a hand-held device such as mobile phones or tablets. The change is part of Google’s continuous attempt to make the internet more mobile user-friendly since the volume of mobile usage is growing substantially. With this change in the algorithm Google […]

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18 of The Best Free WordPress Themes for April 2015

18 of The Best Free WordPress Themes for April 2015

As we are approaching the end of April, we reviewed many free themes that were released at The Official WordPress Themes Directory. The majority of the themes we have reviewed are mostly clean, minimalist, and above all responsive. You can clearly notice that there is a spike in the number of downloads for each theme […]

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The LatestWP WordPress Weekly: Interesting WordPress Facts and Adding Facebook Comments

The LatestWP Weekly

This week, many WordPress tutorials, plugins, and themes were born. In this issue of LatestWP Weekly you will learn how to speed your WordPress-based website. In addition, you will learn how to add custom fonts to your website without a plugin, how to promote old posts, and how to install Facebook comments on your website. You […]

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9 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About WordPress

9 Interesting Facts About WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems in the world. However, many people still have not heard about it before. Even though WordPress is not that complicated and does not have a steep learning curve, new WordPress users sometimes find it overwhelming. To help this last segment of people, we have collected […]

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One of the main strengths of WordPress is that it is always improving in all levels. Over the past few weeks, the WordPress team has been working hard to continue improving the website. The website received a facelift on two of the major areas, The Themes Directory, and The Plugins Directory. A short while ago, the improvements were announced to the public. They all aim to make the website more user-friendly, to improve the user experience, and to present richier information more than ever before.

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The LatestWP WordPress Weekly: What to Expect in WordPress 4.2, How to Display RSS Feeds at Your Website, and More


This week, the wonderful WordPress community has witnessed a plethora of awesome WordPress resources and tutorials. In this first issue of LatestWP WordPress Weekly you will learn what to expect in WordPress 4.2 which is planned to go live by the end of April. You will also learn about HappyTables, which is a service that […]

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WP RSS Aggregator Plugin Review and What are RSS Feeds Anyway?!

WP RSS Auto Blogging Plugin Review

A few months ago, Jean Galea of WPMayor contacted me about one of the plugins he developed, which is called WP RSS Aggregator. So finally today I managed to sit myself down to write this review of one of the leading plugins in its domain. Even though the core WP RSS Aggregator plugin is available for free from The WordPress plugin repository, Jean has been kind enough to send me the premium plugin extensions to try them out as well. So let’s get started!

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Interview with WordPress Premium Theme Studio Code125, Creators of Carmen and Shahrzad

Code125 Interview at LatestWP

We’re starting a new trend at LatestWP where we will host an interview with some of the finest WordPress people to learn about the behind-the-scene of their success. Today we’re starting off with one of the rising stars in the WordPress Premium Themes domain, Mostafa Mabrouk, the man behind Code125 on ThemeForest.

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Update and Interact with WordPress on Your iPhone

Update and Interact with WordPress on Your iPhone

If you have premium WordPress theme and an iPhone, you will find that it’s now easier than ever to keep in touch with your blog and keep it up to date. You can head to the App Store and download the WordPress application, which is going to work with the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod Touch. The download is free, and you will find that you are going to have quite a bit of control over your blog right through your mobile device. The application is going to make it easy to do all of the things that you need to do to your site, and you can do it wherever you happen to be.

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How to Display Posts in a WordPress Sidebar

Posts in Sidebar WordPress Free Plugin

It’s just amazing how WordPress is so flexible that you can accomplish almost anything you want to do with it. Adding a Google Map to WordPress, writing a live blog post, or even managing your entire web-based projects and businesses through WordPress. But, have you ever wished you could just display a post or a group of posts at your WordPress theme’s sidebar? Well, now and thanks to a new plugin called Posts in Sidebar by Aldo Latino, a WordPress enthusiast from Italy who has also created a few other plugins such as Delicious Wishlist for WordPress and Compact Archives Widget…

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