Free and Commercial BuddyPress Themes

In the third part of today’s BuddyPress series, I am going to take a look at what themes are available for BuddyPress, Free and Commercial themes are covered. See the other posts in this series, How to Install and Configure BuddyPress and 20 Creative Examples of Custom BuddyPress sites. Free Themes Ines Beautiful three column…

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20 Creative WordPress sites using BuddyPress

This is the second part of our BuddyPress series, in our last post we looked at how to install and configure it. In this post we’re going to look at what other people have achieved with the plugin by listing 20 creative sites using WordPress and BuddyPress. OOiZiT Visit OOiZiT » ESSE Community Visit ESSE…

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Create a Social Network with WordPress & BuddyPress

To once again demonstrate the versatility of WordPress, this post will be showing you how to create a social networking site using WordPress and the BuddyPress plugin. This is what the BuddyPress site has to say : Social networking in a box. Build a social network for your company, school, sports team or niche community…

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The Fastest Theme in the Wild Woo West

Placeholder is officially the fastest theme we’ve ever developed. From conceptualization to release was only a day. Not bad for a day’s work, right? Before the weekend started, the team prompted Magnus to consider designing a new theme, as he had not released a theme since Inspire (in May last year). Considering how well Maggie…

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How To: Create a Digg style Social Voting site with WordPress

I have been wanting to add a social voting aspect to one of my existing websites for a while now, there are a few existing solutions such as Pligg (standalone CMS) and Drigg (add-on for Drupal) but I wanted to see if WordPress could be used to handle this. It was during this search that…

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The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Custom Post Types

WordPress 3 comes with the ability to create Custom Post Types, which makes it very simple for us developers to extend WordPress and use it as a proper CMS for any business need. Apart from the default Posts and Pages, we can now create custom types to better suit our content, and make it easier for users to update the site. In this guide we explore many options for creating custom post types and custom meta boxes to go with them…

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When is a Free WordPress Theme Really Free? Some Thoughts and Some Places to Find Them

Oh dear. Last week I appear to have scared a lot of people :( I guess a modicum of scaring is a good thing as it makes people aware of the dangers and traps that it is easy to fall into.  I was perhaps a little bit hyperbolic when I said “anywhere else.” I should …

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