How to Secure uploads, upgrade and other directories with .htaccess

It sucks, but a lot of plugins require certain directories to be set at CHMOD 777 for its file permissions. Of course, you should not use any plugin that requires 777 directories, but if you absolutely must, you can help protect the folder by adding a thin slice of htaccess. This works great for any directory requiring “loose-ish” permissions (i.e., anything greater than 755), and may…

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Simpler Login URL

The default URL for logging into your WordPress powered site is: http://yoursite.com/wp-login.php. Or if you’ve installed in a subdirectory, something like http://yoursite.com/wordpress/wp-login.php. I’ve wished that was a little cleaner, especially when you are doing something explaining to a client where to log in over the phone. Fortunately changing this can be very easy. To make …

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