Dump Photos Directly From Your iPhone to Your WordPress Site

iPhone camera technology has been getting better and better in recent years. Currently, the top specs on the latest iPhones boast 5 megapixels, a 5x digital zoom led flash capability and even new processing features like high dynamic range mode for capturing more vivid images on the go. But what good is all of that …

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Beware of Bad WordPress Developers: 8 Ways To Spot and Avoid Danger

Aside from your inventory, vision and personnel, your website is your business’s most valuable possession. With your website, you can brand your label, court your customers, store and disseminate information, manage your projects and contacts, and so much more. Choosing a developer to trust with the creation or update of your WordPress site is one …

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Daily Tip: Find All the WordPress Mobile Apps in One Location

The other day I noticed that a new menu item has been added to the website. Check out the Extend tab for the new home of WordPress mobile apps. You can now find all of them listed here: WordPress for iOS, WordPress for Windows Phone 7, WordPress for Android, WordPress for BlackBerry, and WordPress …

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