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Display Different Images For Mobile Users in WordPress using Aqua Resizer + Mobile-Detect

I have been working on a Photography theme recently and one of the things I’ve been implementing is a mobile “style”. Unlike the common responsive themes that will adjust to your browser size no matter the device, I’ve been setting it up so mobile css/js loads only on tablets and hand-held…

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SquareGrid – A New Portfolio, Fully Responsive Premium WordPress Theme

SquareGrid is a new premium WordPress theme. The theme is fully responsive which means that it will adjust itself depending on the device it is being displayed on. SquareGrid has a really powerful portfolio template that will show your items in 5 different layouts. It also supports Image (images), Audio and Video (youtube, vimeo). The theme comes with the following set of features…

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WordPress Plugins to Help Make Your Site Responsive

With the galloping development of modern technologies the screen size margin of your readership can be anything in-between a 30? desktop monitor and the iPhone’s 3.5? screen. Responsive design techniques…

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