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32 Quick Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Load time greatly effects how visitors interact with your website. Fast load times make your visitors happy, and slow load times frustrate users and cause them to leave. Duh. Everyone knows that. In fact, just a one second delay…

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5 Simple Ways To Speed Up WordPress

With patience at an all-time low for internet browsers, a fast WordPress site is the first step to a successful blog. No matter how great your content, how captivating your photos galleries, or how witty your “about” page copy, if your site runs slow…

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How to Speed Up WordPress with W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is probably the most useful WordPress plugin you can own (save maybe WordPress SEO by Yoast) and it still baffles me that it is completely free. For the grand price of zero, you get a plugin which will cache your…

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How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Most of us are aware of the benefits of speeding up your website. The quicker a page loads, the more time a visitor is likely spend on your site, and if they stay longer on your site they are more likely to make you money…

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Speeding Up Your WordPress Website: 11 Ways to Improve Your Load Time

One of the questions that comes up fairly regularly in my weekly WPMU DEV chats is “how can I speed up my WordPress website?” It’s an important question, particularly for businesses who want to scale their website. Of course, the procedures necessary for speeding up your website are going to differ depending on whether you …

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