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How To Backup Your WordPress site to Google Drive

Whether you are new to WordPress or an expert, you should know that backing-up your wordpress blog is an essential step you must take after installation of your WordPress site. Not just once but regularly to prevent loss of your work after a hosting failure, hacking attack or even plugin failure…

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7 Lessons Learned from 7 Years of using WordPress

I started using WordPress back in 2005 (version 1.5 I believe) when I acquired a web design blog, I then went on to build that blog into a huge site – At it’s peak it was serving up millions of page views per month to over half a million unique visitors, I attribute at least some of the success of it to WordPress. Back then content management systems weren’t that great…

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How to Automatically Backup Your WordPress Site to Google Drive

If you’re a regular user of Google services, then Google Drive may be the most convenient way for you to back up your WordPess site. It only takes a few minutes to set up with the help of the new Google Drive for WordPress plugin. We’ll walk you through the backup process…

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How to Backup WordPress Files and Database Automatically with The Updraft Plugin

It’s a piece of advice that you’ll get told over and over again as a WordPress site owner, but there is a very good reason – BACKUP YOUR DATA. Even if you think you’re undertaking a simple little change, a wrong move could result in lost data or files which, without a backup, is generally…

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