ThemeFurnace – An Awesome New Premium WordPress Theme Shop

ThemeFurnace – An Awesome New Premium WordPress Theme Shop

ThemeFurnance - A New Premium WordPress Theme Shop

Oliver Dale is one of the most famous faces in the world of WordPress. He’s the man behind one of the most successful WordPress resources websites in the internet, WPLift. Oli, is also known for one of the best free themes outthere, Busby which was released last year. Oliver has just announced a short while ago, the opening of the long awaited theme shops, ThemeFurnace. Knowing Oli’s passion to attention to the smallest details can almost guarantee that the themes that will go on ThemeFurnace will not be less than perfect to run any type of WordPress-powered websites.


Theme Furnace Background and Future

With his passion to web design in general and in WordPress as well, Oliver has stated a number of times that he was working hard on a WordPress theme shop for quite sometime. It’s no wonder that the outcome of burning midnight oil has paid off really well at the end with the launch of 4 themes at once and a promise of one theme monthly.


Available Themes

There are currently 4 themes available to be purchased instantly as follows:


Standard ThemeFurnace Theme Options

Every theme that is currently available at ThemeFurnace has its own unique features. However, they all share the following features as well:

[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • Text or Image Logo with Image Uploader
  • Custom Intro text / Footer Text
  • Footer Scripts for things like Google Analytics
  • Licensed built-in Nivo Slider
  • Slider controls – Enable / Disable, Multiple effects etc
  • Social Media – Enter your accounts and the themes retrieves followers counts
  • Typography – Using Google Webfonts, control the fonts and sizing
  • Import / Export – Save your option panel settings to use on another site


Use this coupon code: 30D5B4F4 for 40% discount – Expires 6/5/2012 ThemeFurnace


Based on the previous work of Oliver Dale, there’s no doubt that ThemeFurnace is going to be a huge success in the wonderful world of WordPress Theme Shops. So far, there are 4 wonderful professionally developed pixel-perfect themes to choose from, with a promise of one theme every month. Purchasing a theme from ThemeFurnace is an easy decision for your next WordPress-based website.


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