A Visual WYSIWYG Editor Widget Plugin You Probably Didn’t Know About

WordPress comes with a text widget that lets you add arbitrary text, HTML and other code to your blog’s sidebar. This widget is arguably one of the most popular ones. You can use it to add HTML tags, and format the text to your heart’s content. The only catch is that you should be well versed in HTML…

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New Plugin Adds a WYSIWYG Editor to Text Widgets in WordPress

Do you ever wish you could add the power of the WordPress WYSIWG post editor to your plain old text widgets? If you prefer a more guided experience plus the ability to add rich media, you’re going to love the new WYSIWYG Widgets plugin. It functions exactly like the plain text widgets but with the added ability to make use of the WYSIWYG…

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The ultimate guide to embedding HTML and iframes in WordPress

Embedding HTML and iframe content in the WordPress editor is annoying – the editor strips out elements so you end up with broken code, or no code at all. Right? Wrong (sort of)! For some reason, it seems that the vast majority of WordPress users are not aware that as of version 2.9 we can…

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